Was it Worth It?



Off Ranish, Isle of LewisIt is hard to assess in some ways whether the project was worthwhile or not.  Sometimes the downs could be difficult to deal with; just one more straw on the poor camel's back.  On the other hand the highs were magnificent!  I know that when I am at anchor in a harbour miles from home, watching the sun go down over some distant island, that I get huge satisfaction from knowing that I was only there because of my own efforts, determination and sheer stupidity.  Also watching the look on other skippers' faces when I idly comment that 'It only took me about three years to build' is just exquisite.

Then, when you get up to fifteen knots, the whole rig screaming, the wakes like an arrow behind and the heart pumping hard, you KNOW you've done the right thing!


Donald McKee





Hoisting the Main  Beached on Big Sand, Gairloch