The Cornalari Wizard

The concept and building of a Woods design "WIZARD" catamaran

Donald and Phil

A quiet moment with my coffee I was aware when I started this project that it was unlikely that I would take on something of this magnitude again so I decided to keep a detailed record of every step of the way.  The original purpose of the record was purely for a personal memento.  As a result I ended up with a completed catamaran, a lengthy diary and three large albums full of photographs.  A friend of mine, Irene Nash, offered to make me a hand bound one-off book using the diary and the photos as a basis from which to start.  I was delighted with the idea but I couldn't decide between either a 'coffee table' book or a technical manual so the beautiful hand bound book she made for me is a cross between the two.  The same is the case with this book; the first part is devoted to the starting and finishing of the project with lots of photographs and the second part to a more technically detailed section for those that aspire to building their own craft, even if it is only in their dreams.

The website, however, is just a taster of some parts of the book to give people an idea of what it means to build your own boat and naturally to show off my beautiful catamaran and its design, along with one or two changes to the plan that happened as I went along.

The full colour book is available direct from the publishers Lulupress    Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

or if you would prefer it as an ebook, go here     Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

There are many excellent designs and useful articles at  Richard Woods the Wizard designers site Here

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Why a catamaran

The last Lap


Was it Worth it?

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